Meet Your Inbound Marketing Partner

We are Magnetolabs, a Bangkok based Inbound Marketing agency.



Why Inbound Marketing

We are now living in the customer-centric era. Brands should stop talking just about what they want to talk. Instead, they should start sharing what their customers want to listen.


Introducing Inbound Marketing

Instead of interrupting people with ads, Inbound Methodology encourages you to create great contents that deliver value, attract right target audiences and win businesses. Want to dig deeper into Inbound Marketing? Check this out.


Why Us?

We are your Inbound Marketing Partner. Our team is dedicated to the state of Inbound Marketing and we are ready to help you magnetize your customers.


Our Services

Like Batman & Robin and Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson, we are confident that we will be your right Inbound Marketing partner. Check all our services

Inbound Marketing

Marketing methodology that grows and sustains your business

Inbound Web Design

Build your own digital asset that converts

Have Questions about Inbound Marketing or want to know how we can help? Let’s have a friendly chat 🙂