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Paid Media

Accelerate your digital marketing efforts with social and search Ads.

* Our Paid Media Service is an optional add-on to our Inbound Marketing & Content Marketing Service.

Paid Media in a Nutshell


Boost your Awareness

Not everyone has heard about you. Reach new people that are new to your brand, products or services.


Amplify your Results

You already have some contents or campaigns that work. Amplify them with paid media to make them more successful.


Drive Action

Drive your leads to your funnel with techniques like custom audience and remarketing and deliver them right messages.

Our Processes

Paid Media Strategy

Every success starts with a good plan. Together, we will discuss Paid Media Plans to achieve your goals.

Ads Setup

Setup ad accounts (i.e. Facebook Ads, Google Ads and LAP) and integrate them with your website and related software such as Marketing Automation and CRM.

Content Creation

Paid Media doesn’t work without good contents. We help you create copies, images or videos personalized for each ads platform.

Media Buying

Each media and each ads platform require different mindset and methods. We help you execute wisely.

Media Optimization

Great ads don’t last forever. We help you monitor and optimize your paid media to achieve best possible results.

Analytics & Report

Measure and learn what works and what doesn’t. We report, keep you informed and advise you next steps.

Paid media helps you amplify your contents, campaigns and ideas in a predictable way.

The above explanations are too conceptual?

Our Services Include...

  • Paid Media Strategy & Gameplan
  • Social Advertising (Facebook Ads & LINE Ads)
  • Search Advertising (Google Ads)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Advertorial
  • Backlinking

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