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Elevate yourself and your team’s digital knowledge with our digital marketing academy.

*Our Digital Marketing Academy is organized by Magnetolabs Co., Ltd. under the name "Content Shifu Academy"

Our Training in a Nutshell


Elevate your Digital Knowledge

Learn digital marketing from digital practitioners who have field-tested and practice what they preach.


Learning by doing

Not just lectures. Our digital marketing classes give you opportunities to sharpen your brain with workshops and quizzes.


Get Frameworks to follow

Never sail the sea without a compass! We give you easy-to-follow frameworks so that you don’t get lost along the way.

Our Approach


Start with the fundamental. You will learn detailed explanations, examples and case studies based on our research and experiences.


Supervised closely by our instructors and mentors. Our solo (or sometimes duo) workshops help you understand more about the lectures, while our group workshops help you discuss, share ideas and learn from others.

After Class

Extended resources such as playbooks and templates will be given so that you can use them as guidelines to plan and execute your digital marketing.

Investing in Knowledge will be One of the Best Investments You will Ever Make

The above explanations are too conceptual?

Our classes include...

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing for B2B
  • Essential SEO
  • Digital Content Writing
  • Design for Business Communication
  • Facebook Marketing for Conversion
  • Essential Google Ads

Are You Ready to be Better at Digital Marketing?

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