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As a Luxury Business, your goal is to create pride and fulfill your customers.

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Your Business

You sell high-value & luxury products that are emotion-driven. Hence, your digital marketing endeavors should reflect the value you provide to your customers

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Your products are not for everyone. We help you attract your potential customers who have interests and capability to purchase your products.



Your customers aren’t just looking for information or product specs. We help you give what your customers are looking for; inspiration.


The main difference between $4 Starbucks coffee and $1 coffee is branding. We help you become ‘Starbucks’ in your world by providing consistent values.

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Your visions plus our expertise, we are confident that we will be the right Inbound Marketing partner for your Luxury business.

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Clients Say

Deliverables come according to briefs. However, the main reasons why we have always decided to work with Magnetolabs are because they are ready to adapt to us and have a wide range of digital knowledge. This results in them having a good understanding about the briefs, sometimes better than us, in which is very important to make the deliverables standout.

Apart from that, what Magnetolabs always provides are options and solutions which are based on the understanding of its clients.
Jarut Thamrongwatana
Content Marketing Director,
Sansiri Public Company Limited

Let us help you magnetize your customer