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As an Industrial Business, your goal is to help your customers become more efficient and effective with your innovations.

We Understand
Your Business

You sell solutions that are complex, high-value and have long sales cycle. Typical digital marketing strategy like social media marketing, buying Ads and producing viral clips don’t work for your business.

How We Help



We help you create industry-specific content to attract your prospects like engineers or procurements



Prospects will just come and go if you don’t convert them. We help you convert your prospects to leads by offering something valuable in exchange.


Industrial business has long sales cycle. We help you consistently communicate with your leads and engage with them when they are ready to talk to you.

Get The Expertise
You Need

Your visions plus our expertise, we are confident that we will be the right Inbound Marketing partner for your Industrial business.

What our
Clients Say

Implementing Inbound Marketing together with Magnetolabs got us great results as it was objectives-oriented and adjustable in accordance with the status quos.

This results in us getting better results than expected and it also helps B2B company like ours build business for the long-run. Apart from that, Magnetolabs team is professional and able to transform complex raw contents provided by us to easy-to-comprehend articles.
Kittikun Kesornphiboon
Marketing Supervisor,
Sumipol Corporation Limited

Let us help you magnetize your customer